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Healthy 2023 Full Body
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Who We Are?

Pharmeasy is India’s leading digital Healthcare Platform and our main focus is on Simplifying healthcare & Impacting lives! It is a super platform that provides consumers with on-demand wide range of comprehensive diagnostic test services. We have more than 25 million registered users across the country. Our ultimate goal is to provide affordable healthcare to one and all.

Why Choose PharmEasy to book a lab tests?

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Delivering quality, assurance and safety

We at PharmEasy are committed to look after your safety and well-being before delivering you our services. Here's a glimpse of what we do.

PharmEasy possess some of the world's most complicated machines which automate the blood checking process. Meaning minimal touching of blood vials by human hands.

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Mandatory Protocols We Follow For Safety

Mandatory use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times + It’s daily sanitization.

Mandatory social distance of 2 meter between lab technicians. In the meantime, we continue to wear masks at all times outside the lab or house. and maintain 2 meter of distance from others.

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How do we clean our phlebotomy room?

Mandatory decontamination of phlebetomy room after each sample collection. Periodic decontamination / sanitization of all surfaces.

We cleanse the venipuncture site with appropriate cleanser in a circular motion from the center to the periphery and allow the site to dry. We completely avoid wiping the site with gauze or a cotton ball as this would contaminate the site.

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Mask, Sterilization and Sanitization

To prevent the risk of infection our phlebotomists make sure that other members of the family have shifted to another room before they start drawing blood.

The phlebotomists are trained to use only sterilised/fresh needles and wear new gloves before touching the customer.


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